Guild Apparel

 We are now offering the chance to purchase Bloomington Quilters Guild T-shirts and jackets.  There is no obligation to purchase anything, but how fun will it be for us all to wear our BQG apparel at retreats, shows and when we sell raffle tickets?  Ordering is through the Inksoft website, so please order through this link:

Order deadline is 9:00 am, October 2.  Once the order comes in, Tara Babcock will arrange pick up or delivery.  Plus sizes are available.  Prices range from $15 to $21 depending on item and size requested. Tara will bring in sample pieces for sizing at the Oct. 1 meeting. We have to meet certain minimum ordering requirements. If we don’t meet the minimum, you will receive a refund from Inksoft. If you have questions, please email or talk to Tara.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt: $15.00 Long Sleeve Tee: $16.00

Short Sleeve T-Shirt: $15.00
Long Sleeve Tee: $16.00

Zip Hoodie: $21.00 V-Neck T-Shirt: $16.00

Zip Hoodie: $21.00
V-Neck T-Shirt: $16.00