UFO Challenge

Are you UFO* challenged? Are you ready to complete 6 of your UFOs by May 2020? Are you willing to put up $6 cash as a promise to complete ALL your UFOs? You could finally complete that community quilt and free up space to collect more fabric!

To participate, complete a UFO Challenge form (PDF) and turn it and $6 cash in to the welcome desk at the October 1 meeting. Keep a copy of your Challenge sheet so you know the number of each project. Once you’ve listed the projects, the order can’t be changed. (Forms will be at the meeting as well, but look it over!)

List as #1 your UFO that is most near completion; it will be due November 5, 2019.

List as #6 your most challenging project; it will be due at the May 5, 2020 meeting.

#2-#5 will be drawn randomly at a guild meeting with relevant due dates. See the schedule below.


Each person who completes a UFO the month that it’s due gets a fat quarter, shares it at Show and Tell AND gets a chance to receive the grand finale prize in May at the end of the Challenge. If you’re unable to attend a guild meeting, send your completed UFO in with a friend or email a photo of the completed project to Sandy Warren: UFO@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.

The grand finale of the UFO challenge will be in May. Participants who have completed ALL their UFOs will get a chance for the grand finale prize. 

*Small print:  A UFO is an Unfinished Object. For this challenge, it’s any piece of fabric(s) cut for the purpose of making a quilt, wall hanging or other object of art that has not been completed. Or it could be a kit/project/idea that is waiting to be made.  There are no size requirements  – it’s your version of your UFO. Definition of completed means totally quilted, bound and ready for use. (Yes, finished!


Here’s what is due at our meetings 2019-20:

  • October 1: Turn in your UFO Challenge form (PDF) and $6. Number will be chosen at random (#2, 3, 4, 5) for UFO to be completed in January.

  • November 5: #1 UFO is due. Number will be chosen at random and the UFO corresponding to that number is due in February.

  • December 3: Work on those UFOs! Nothing is due.

  • January 7: Number drawn from October meeting is due. Number will be chosen at random and that UFO is due in March.

  • February 4: Number drawn from November meeting is due. Remaining number UFO to be completed in April.

  • March 3: Number drawn from January meeting is due.

  • April 7: Number from February meeting is due. 

  • May 5: #6 UFO is due. Grand finale prize will be rewarded.

Questions and answers


How much is the grand finale cash prize?
It is a pooled cash prize, so it depends on how many members sign up in October. A small portion of the proceeds will be used to purchase the fat quarters. The remainder will be pooled. For instance, if ten members participate, the pool would be a bit short of $60.
How is it decided who gets the grand finale cash prize?
The prize would be a random drawing from the people who completed all 6 UFOs on time.
Can I join in half-way through the year?
Only if you are a new member who joined the guild after October. If you join the guild in, say, January, you’ll need to pay $6 and start the challenge from there — only having 3 projects to do since you missed the first 3. You’ll still get a chance for the grand finale cash prize if you complete your UFOs on time.
What if I lost track of which project is due when?
We’ll keep you informed of the UFO schedule at each meeting and will update this page with the latest project due date.
What if I don’t have 6 UFOs?
Seriously, we’re impressed. But see the UFO definition (above the Schedule) for our flexible definition. To be eligible for the grand finale prize, you’ll need to complete 6 UFOs on time. That’s incentive to come up with 6!

More questions? Ask at a guild meeting or email Sandy Warren: UFO@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.

Photo credit (red scissors): Dinh Pham on unsplash.com