Cap InstructioNS

Prepare Quilt for Submission

How to prepare your quilt for submission:
For submission to the BQG Quilt Show: sleeves, labels, and submission pillow cases: How to Make a Sleeve and Labels (PDF)

BQG Youtube videos

Here are our YouTube videos, featuring Lisa Dodson, former BQG President and Quilt Show Co-Chairs Kathy Kessler and Pat Surra, courtesy of Jean Bansemer, web writer for Free Christmas Quilt PatternsFree Purse Quilt Patterns and Free Table Runner Quilt Patterns

Fiddle Quilt

Activity quilt approximately 18” x 20” for people living with dementia, explained in Community Quilts.  Nancy Zieman's website has instructions.

How to bind with a sewing machine

Jenny Doan's instructions on YouTube (Missouri Star Quilt Company).

How to bind without binding strips

Lorena's Quilting instructions on YouTube: Using back fabric to bind your quilt.

Estimate Thread Needs

How much thread do you need to quilt? See the Superior Threads chart.

Quilt Sizes Chart

Visit Suzy Quilts for her guide for standard-sized mattresses, suggestions for custom measuring and estimating backing and batting needs. For quilts intended to be used on a bed, consider a few extra inches in length to cover pillows. General guidelines:
Fiddle Quilt: 18” x 20”
*Baby Quilt: 30” x 40”
Wheelchair: 35” x 45”
*Crib: 36” x 52”
Throw/Lap: 50” x 65”
Double/Full: 85” x 108”
Queen: 90” x 108”
King: 110” x 108”
*Not to be used in cribs because of the danger of suffocation. Smaller quilts make great wall hangings.