Quilts from the Heartland - Oct. 9 & 10, 2020

The Bloomington Quilters Guild Quilt Show takes place every three years. It is a major fundraiser for our guild. Our next Quilts from the Heartland show will run from Friday, October 9 - Saturday, October 10, 2020, located at Bloomington's Monroe Convention Center, 302 S. College Ave., Bloomington, Indiana. At our last show in November 2017, over 250 local beautiful quilts were displayed.

Mark the date: Oct. 9 - 10, 2020. Come see our quilts, shop our vendors, buy raffle tickets and find bargains in our Treasure Shop.

Co-chairs for our 2020 Quilt Show are Tara Babcock and Natalie Kubat. Email us at quiltshow@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.

Members: How to Support the Show

Our quilt show is a great way for us to promote quilting and the Bloomington Quilters Guild to our community and beyond.  This show is a major source of income for our guild.  In fact, it funds the programming and covers our guild expenses (along with our dues) for three years, which is why we only do it every third year.  But that means we need LOTS of help making it a success.

Enter your quilt

You have to be a member to enter a quilt. It’s free and the show is not judged. It’s really just a fun way to do show & tell. We will open the call for submitting entries sometime in the spring.  But for now, just work on finishing those quilts so we can hang them on display!  Our goal is to get every single member to enter a quilt.  Never fear that your quilts aren’t “good enough.” This show is about encouraging others to learn about quilting and our guild.  And we want all types of quilts:  art quilts, appliqué, simple nine patches, etc.  So many people are intimidated by the elaborate quilts and need to see those beginner pieces hanging proudly so they know they can do it too!


“Many hands make light work” and this is certainly true of our triennial quilt show! In April, we’ll email a link with descriptions of volunteer positions and will add a link to sign up online. We’ll also surface mail volunteer information to those members without email. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Volunteer Chair Ann Birch, volunteer@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.

Quilt Show Treasure Shop

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!  That’s the idea behind our Treasure Shop.  We are looking for donations, and can start taking them NOW!  So clean out your quilt room and donate some treasure. The Treasure Shop is where we take fabric, notions and the like, donated by YOU, and sell them; usually at very reduced prices.  It is a great place to build your stash. 

Here is what we are looking for:

  • QUILTING FABRIC: This really is our biggest seller. We will take pieces of any size. We even have a “swimming pool” full of scraps that we sell by the bag. But we covet pieces of ¼ yard or more. PLEASE only give us quilting fabric – not upholstery fabric, not fleece, not rayon. It just doesn’t sell. Flannel that can be used in baby quilts is great, but otherwise, keep it cotton. Our market is quilters, and they want good old cotton quilting fabric! Also, it is a huge help to the show if you can measure your fabric & mark it (just staple or pin a little piece of paper to it). Just estimate to the nearest 1/8 yard.

  • NOTIONS: Remember when you bought a new ruler because you couldn’t find your old ruler, only to again find that ruler? Now you are tripping over two rulers. Donate one to us! We will even take used spools of thread. We bag them up to sell in a bundle. Scissors, rulers, and other gadgets are great sellers. Again, keep it quilting related.

  • BOOKS & PATTERNS: We all have a pile of quilting books that we used to use all the time. But now we have a new favorite method. Here is your chance to donate that book to a good cause. We DO NOT WANT MAGAZINES this year. Magazines seem to multiply like bunnies. But quilting patterns & books are greatly appreciated!

  • PLASTIC TOTES: We are looking for some plastic totes to store all our treasures in. Please talk to us before hauling them to the meeting, but we are looking for good totes to store things in.

We will not be selling pre-made items like Christmas tree ornaments and kids’ presents.  First, we are moving the show to October which means people are less likely to be looking for Christmas gifts.  Second, we just felt that people came into our shop looking for deals, and we were selling our hard work for very little money.  We are thinking about alternative avenues to sell our goodies in the future.

You can simply bring your donation to any guild meeting.  We can arrange a pick up if needed.  Your Treasure Shop Chairs are Laura Brown-Cano and Jennifer Dwiel. Email us at treasure@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.

Shop our vendors

We’ll be listing our vendors on the website. Support our show by supporting them. If you’re a vendor who’d like to be part of our show, or if you know of a vendor that the BQG should contact, please email quiltshow@bloomingtonquiltersguild.org.


2017 Quilts from the Heartland Show

See our November 2017 newsletter for details about our last show. 2017 winners were Lisa Dodson for the Viewer's Choice award and Connie Pockevich for the Nola King hand-quilting award.

Thank you to all who came to view our quilts, shop our vendors, and find bargains in the Treasure Shop. Thank you to all who submitted quilt entries. And we also couldn't have done it without the volunteers who organized the show, signed up for volunteer shifts, sorted through donated treasures for the shop, and assembled and disassembled the metal quilt racks.

Click on image below for more 2017 photos.


Quilts from the Heartland will be at Bloomington’s Monroe Convention Center.


Photo credit (string quilt): Mark Martins on Pixabay.com